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What Should You Do About Mold in Your Home?

If I asked the average person what they knew about household mold, I suspect their first thoughts would go to moldy food and then maybe …

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Is My Water Heater Leaking?

The signs have been there for days. The completely inadequate amount of hot water. Washing the shampoo out of your hair with cold water. The …

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Rain Leak FAQ

Rain is a part of nature and in most cases it is always welcome, except when it somehow gets into your home. The worst type …

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Foul Smelling Sewage in Yuma

Many residents of the Yuma Foothills area have been complaining about a stench in their neighborhood. While the water waste company denies any wrongdoing, residents …

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Join us July 16 – El Centro Community Business Showcase

911 Restoration of Imperial County is opening up our space for the public on July 16th for a night of local business celebration. The event will feature a …

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On The Green For The 7th Annual C-225 Golf Tournament

Get your putters out, it’s time for some golfing with a cause! Being part of a community means getting involved. And one of the ways …

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