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You can get professional help cleaning and sanitizing your property in El Centro. During the coronavirus outbreak, it’s especially important that you get your home or business disinfected. JP3 Restoration of El Centro can provide you with sanitization services right now. Our crews are trained to provide you with disinfection solutions so you can get a Fresh Start. Here at JP3 Restoration of El Centro, we know the coronavirus pandemic is making things difficult for business owners. Foot traffic may be down for your business. Many businesses have even temporarily closed as a way to slow the spread of the virus. In some places, the only businesses remaining open are those that offer necessary services.
We can provide you with sanitization services to meet your unique needs. If your business has closed, we can help you find a disinfection solution that will prepare you to reopen and service your customers. If you provide an essential service, you can set up a schedule for sanitization services in El Centro, to increase the peace of mind of your customers and employees.
Getting help with cleaning and sanitization is easy. You can contact JP3 Restoration of El Centro right now

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The coronavirus has become a major source of concern in El Centro over the past few months. The virus can spread rapidly from one person to another. Individuals who do not appear to be symptomatic can even pass the disease onto others. Additionally, the coronavirus can live on surfaces if infected individuals touch them. Sanitization specialists at JP3 Restoration of El Centro can provide you with:

Office deep cleaning services
Sanitization for your retail space or store
Cleaning backed by the recommendations of the CDC and EPA

We understand that everyone in El Centro needs to work together to get through the coronaviruspandemic. Our crews are ready to do our part by helping keep your property cleaned and sanitized. We can work on unique disinfection solutions designed to meet your specificneeds.

You don’t have to wait to get help when you reach out to us for help. We are a locally owned andoperated company. We’re fully prepared to race out to your property within 45 minutes of an emergencycall to go over your needs. Let us give you back your peace of mind with sanitization services in ElCentro.